8 Things You Should Know About CBD Candy

CBD Candy the 8’s

The combination of CBD and candy sounds interesting, to say the least. With the legalization bandwagon for cannabis on the rise, more and more individuals are putting their faith in CBD candies for catering to their needs. Bearing this in mind, here are a few relevant facts that you should know about:

     1. CBD Candy Online

Thanks to the recent changes in the Farmers’ Act, you can buy CBD online throughout the United States. Some states even allow the sale of CBD candy at authorized dispensaries. Moreover, 40 countries worldwideCBD Candy Gummy Bears also allow the buying and selling of CBD products.

What’s the difference between purchasing CBD candy online and from a dispensary? Well, the difference comes down to two parts: Firstly, CBD candy online is derived from industrial hemp plants and not marijuana. In order for a plant to count as industrial hemp, it needs to have less than 0.3% THC dry weight. CBD extracts from these plants can be sold as CBD candy online.

As you might have guessed by now, CBD candy from a dispensary will have THC. Depending on the state law, the amount of THC may vary.

     2. You Can’t Call It Candy

It’s essential to prevent children from the consumption of cannabis. In some states, the word candy is, rightly, banned from the packaging of cannabis. In fact, the state of Colorado passed a law that prevents any company from using the word candy on any edibles of cannabis.

It might sound crazy, but the regulations were put in place to prevent children from accidentally consuming edibles of cannabis. Another aspect to this is the shape of the candy. Some companies were producing CBD candy that looked exactly like the candy available at gas stations, for instance.

     3. It Might Have Limitations

The milligram limits on edibles apply mostly to the ones found in a dispensary. Some states are taking extra steps to protect the consumer from taking too many cannabis edibles. The thing about edibles is that it’s always best to start small and work your way up. However, some edibles just taste amazing!

To prevent people from over indulging—owing to the amazing taste in particular—some states have started placing a limit on the amount of active THC allowed in CBD edibles.

     4.The Concentrate

A major factor deciding how well the CBD candy works for you is the type of concentrate used in its preparation.

Some companies use CBD oil in their candy, while others use distillate. CBD oil is great; however, it’s not as pure as distillate. With distillate, CBD can reach up to 99 percent of purity. Additionally, the body absorbs CBD distillate more efficiently as compared to CBD oil.  However, full spectrum CBD oil has the added benefit of the entourage effect. 

     5.They Are Not Made the Same

There’s a huge variety of CBD edibles available in the market. However, it’s important to note that not every CBD edible is made the same, considering how there are various ways to make edibles. When it comes to the CBD candy in particular, the biggest difference comes from the manner in which CBD is added to the edible.

Some companies take adequate time while adding CBD to the mixture, this creates an edible in which the CBD is cooked directly into the edible. On the other hand, certain companies take CBD and mix it with a solvent before topically apply it to the edible.

     6. Your Method of Consumption

Depending upon how you consume, the candy will determine how quickly it works for you. Ultimately, this comes down to the pharmacokinetics of CBD.

Most people eat the gummies and wait for them to activate. When CBD is consumed in this manner, it passes through the stomach and intestines before getting to the blood stream. Thus, CBD will be broken down, through the actions of stomach and intestines, before entering the bloodstream.

The other way to consume CBD candy is by sucking on the candy. When the candy is sucked on, the CBD enters the bloodstream through the mouth—or sublingually to be more accurate.  This method doesn’t break down the CBD as much as the stomach and intestines do.

     7. What Did You Eat?

What you eat around the time of taking a CBD candy can drastically change how well the CBD works. CBD is a fat soluble molecule, meaning that it binds incredibly well to fat. If you take your CBD with milk, or some other fatty substance, it helps transfer CBD out of your stomach much faster. On the other hand, CBD taken with a lot of water, or salad, can lead to a CBD trap. Essentially, the water makes it difficult for CBD to be absorbed into the stomach. This means CBD will be stuck in your stomach and not and not hit where you might want it to.

     8. Watch Your Prescribed Medications

CBD can have some great health benefits. However, medications with interactions of the liver’s P450 enzymes can cause issues. With some medications, it’s recommended to not take the medication around the

 time of eating grapefruit. This is because the grapefruit lowers the liver’s P450 enzymes, which can lead to complications with the medication. 

CBD has a stronger effect, as compared to grapefruit, when it comes to lowering the liver’s P450. This means that a person who takes medications while needing to consider their P450 levels should take extra caution when taking CBD, in order to prevent complications.

There are the 8 things that you should know before consuming CBD candy. Why did you need to know them? Well, how did you plan on getting the most out of CBD candy without knowing all that’s it about, huh?

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