Alpha-Pinene Demystified

Alpha-Pinene is an important part of cannabis that most people do not know about. Most people don’t even know how to pronounce the name (it is pronounced pin-een). Alpha-Pinene isn’t restricted to cannabis only; it is found in many different plants. The chemical structure of Alpha-Pinene is simple. It is an alkene that also contains a four-membered ring. Alpha-Pinene is emitted by many different plants in the world.

What Does Alpha-Pinene Smell Like?

Alpha-Pinene gives plants that signature fresh smell we that people love so much. The smell is most often defined as ‘woody’ or ‘earthy’, or even ‘pine’ by most people. The reason is that all the Alpha-Pinene being emitted by plants makes people associate the smell with the location they have experienced the smell. Alpha-Pinene that has been extracted is very potent – if you are ordering some, you will be surprised at the fresh earthy smell that permeates the whole room as soon as you open the container.

Medical Value Of Alpha-Pinene

The good thing about Alpha-Pinene is that it has many different medical benefits. Many different studies have been done that focused on Alpha-Pinene and the results have been astonishing. It has been proven to have an anti-inflammatory effect and is being considered as the next big drug to help treat many inflammatory diseases. Alpha-Pinene has also been shown to be fantastic for people who get anxiety from medical marijuana. An increase in Alpha-Pinene (and other similar materials) in the composition of the material being taken can make the effect of them calmer.

Alpha-Pinene’s Long Medical History

There are many different schools of medicine all over the world that have existed for thousands of years. Most of these have been replaced by science and that is a great thing. Many of the old medical methods were just myths and didn’t do anything. However, not all of them were incorrect, and now scientists understand how different oils and natural materials can help with serious diseases.

Pine oil has long been recommended as an anti-cancer drug in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Scientists were very surprised to find that pine needle oil indeed had a strong effect on cancer cells and even inhibited it to a degree. Later, they managed to determine that Alpha-Pinene was the part of the pine needle oil that had anti-cancer properties. They isolated it and got even better results than with just pine needle oil.

What It Looks Like And Where It Comes From

Alpha-Pinene can be isolated/extracted from many different turpentine oils. It appears as a colorless liquid once extracted, though impurities may make it look a bit yellow. The smell of Alpha-Pinene is unmistakable. If you simply want the benefits then the easiest way to get it, as a marijuana consumer, is right in your Indica or Sativa strain. One way to check how high the Alpha-Pinene content is in the strain is to get it lab tested but you won’t need that. As we said before, Alpha-Pinene has an unexpected Pine Forest smell. Simply smell what you are buying and let your nose guide you to the most beneficial strains of cannabis.

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