Freedom, money and CBD

Make money with hemp CBD

Have a CBD product and want to reach people?

Want to make money with other people's hemp CBD products?

Want to create your own hemp CBD product?

How are you looking to get involved with CBD?

CBD Affiliate

CBD affiliate programs are great for getting started in the hemp CBD community. With Nug Mountain you can grow your CBD identity with support and not spending a dime.

CBD Brand

Creating your own brand is a great way to make money with hemp CBD. Nug Mountain will provide you with the tools and resources to build and maintain your brand.

CBD Supporter

CBD supporters make money in the CBD community by helping people with their CBD needs.

Which option would you like to learn more about?

CBD Affiliate

Grow an Online Identity

A free blog so you can participate in the CBD community.

Make money by refering other people’s products.

Exclusive tools to help you gain a following.

The assistance of Nug Mountain’s network.

The details

Blog Power

Your Nug Mountain blog is more than a blog. The articles and reviews you create have the potential to be shared across all of Nug Mountain’s social media.

Easy Start

Nug Mountain will introduce you to powerful affiliate programs you can use to make money. We will help you get started and it will cost you nothing.

The Work is Done

A lot goes into building an online identity. With the exclusive tools take your business growth to a new level. Get assistance in SEO, content creation, email marketing and more.

Free is Nice

The best part of the affiliate network program, it costs you nothing to get started, use the platform and make money.

What would you like to do?

CBD Brand

Build it bigger

Create a variety of products to reach your customers’ needs.

Use the blog to attract customers and generate brand awareness.

The direct messaging system makes it easy for customers to reach you.

Setup staff and manager level roles.

The details

Get Customers What They Want

Your customers have needs, a large variety of product types helps you fulfill those needs.

Nug Mountain Product Types:

  • Basic Shippable Products
  • Subscriptions
  • Digital products
  • Bookings
  • Product Bundles

Expand your offering with Nug Mountain.

Use subscriptions to create reoccurring income for your business.

Use bookings to offer CBD support to your customers.

Use product bundles to make package deals for your customers to generate higher sales.

Content Power

A blog is a powerful way to build customer relationships. Customers get to know you and how you can help them.

Nug Mountain helps you further your net by sharing and incorporating your content, with our audience.

So more people get to know your brand. And our followers get great insights.

Connect With Your Customers

Use the direct messaging system to connect with customers from your Nug Mountain store.

This is a great way to get leads and build a relationship with your potential customer.

Build a Team

Have some staff?

With the manager and staff feature, you can easily set permissions for how can do what in you Nug Mountain store.

Is Nug Mountain free for vendors?

Vendors pay a fee per transaction on sales. The fee depends on the program you chose.

It’s set up so we only make money when you do.

Click get started to see transaction fees.

Approved vendors also have access to vendor exclusive products and services offered by Nug Mountain to assist brands in building their business.

Tools like email automation, content assistance, website creation, and more.

This way, as you grow we can help you incorporate new tools strategies.

What would you like to do?

CBD Supporter

Support the CBD industry.

Put your skills to use.

Support both businesses and individuals.

Create support products and make money.

Create education products or maybe an e book.

The details

CBD Supporter

A CBD supporter is someone in the health, holistic, and fitness fields looking to work with CBD. Use the same tools as vendors and affiliates to introduce your self to the CBD community.

Do you know a lot about legal hemp and CBD?

Put you knowledge to use with Nug Mountain. Ceate a CBD knowledge guide and sell it on Nug Mountain.

Or, set up CBD coaching and help people make the most of their CBD.

All with the help of Nug Mountain.

What would you like to do?

Coming Soon


You should apply to join a beta or get more information when the programs launch.

Pick a network and share Nug Mountain with your CBD friends!

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